It’s not just your MP who needs your vote.

BirdVoteYou have two important decisions to make before 7th May. One is to choose who to vote for in the General Election but perhaps a more important duty for some people will be to help elect the UK’s National Bird. It’s a pool being run by the Urban Birder website ( When voting ends on 7th may they’ll contact the new government to see if they can persuade them to make the winning bird official.

Maybe your political persuasion will way your choice. If you’re labour maybe a Red Kite? Tory, the Blue Tit? There are 8 other birds in the poll including the BlackBird (UKIP?), KingFisher (Independent) the Hen Harrier (Green Party?) and Robin (Lib Dem?) which won the last time a poll like this in the 1960s.

A full list of candidates can be found here.