The latest smart devices for your home

Smart devices for around the home are becoming increasingly affordable and in turn, incredibly popular. Your Wightfibre #FastestIW connection will enable you to seamlessly enjoy all of these products by using your iOS or Android powered mobile device. From making sure your plants are happy and healthy, to keeping your home clean, everyone is bound to find a smart device that is right for them. Here’s a selection of some more unusual devices on the market…

Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is an ingenious device for monitoring your house plants, it works by measuring and analyzing the four parameters that are essential to your plant’s health and growth – Sunlight, temperature, fertilizer and water.

This can be used in a pot or on the ground as it is waterproof and so can be used outside if required. The device links up easily to it’s own app on your phone or tablet and when a plant needs attention it will prompt a notification to be displayed. Notifications include helpful reminders from watering the plant to even adding fertilizer or re-potting them.

The app connects to a database of over 7,000 plants so you can view photos, find out the history of certain species and read practical tips about how best to care for them.

BeOn Bulbs

BeOn smart bulbs are designed to learn your normal pattern of light usage and replicate it when you are not at home to deter burglars. The bulb can even be set to switch on when somebody knocks or rings your doorbell and of course when your house or smoke alarm is triggered.

BeOn bulbs feature a back-up battery power source which lasts up to 5 hours, meaning that they will still work if your power is cut. This not only protects against malicious attacks, but will also prove very helpful in the event of an outage. The bulbs are controlled via your mobile phone or tablet, but also comes with a simple to use key fob, both of which allow you to activate the bulbs with just one click.

Neato BotVac Connected Series

The Neato Botvac Connected is the latest smart vacuum cleaner on the market as well as Dyson’s 360 Eye, although the Neato Botvac Connected is the cheaper option and boasts the ability to connect with Alexa and Google Assistant should you wish.

The Botvac is WiFi enabled and you can control it from your mobile device wherever you are, you just need to set it up with where and what time to clean for you. An interesting feature of this vacuum is that it will show you on your device an exact map of where it has cleaned and can even get to hard to reach spots.

The Botvac uses clever laser technology to map out it’s surroundings, will store each space for future use and can use this memory to work in the dark. As with it’s predecessors, the Botvac will return to base when the battery is running low and charge itself automatically. This vacuum has been noted to be quite noisy, but this is a minor issue really when the purpose of it is to work when you are out of the house.

Drop Scale

Finding out and weighing ingredients has never been so easy. This scale is the latest smart gadget to hit the kitchen and it comes with some very nifty features.

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or professional, the Drop Kitchen Scale delivers a futuristic and simple to use weighing system straight to your mobile device. The connected app features a recipe book with thousands of recipes and what is particularly impressive is that if you are short on a specific ingredient, you can tell the app how much you do have and it will adjust all the other ingredients accordingly.

Until recently the Drop Kitchen Scale has been quite pricey (almost £100), but has recently been on offer for as little as £20 if you have a look around online.

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