084, 087, 116 and 118 Call Rates

Charges  to numbers beginning 084, 087 and 118 will now be made up of two parts:

The ‘access charge’ – is set by your phone company. For WightFibre the access charge will be 5.0p per minute. This compares favourably to BT who are charging 9.58p and Sky who are charging 9.5p.

The ‘service charge’ – this is set by the organisation or service that you are calling. This “service charge” will vary for each organisation or service and you should see the price wherever the number is advertised.

Your current WightFibre bill  reflects these charges.

We will continue to provide a high quality service at the lowest possible price. If you have any questions Ofcom provide lots of information at  www.ukcalling.info.