WightFibre Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume® Guarantee and Homesafe

Whole Home WiFi Guarantee

  • “WiFi in every room or your money back” means WiFi speed (sufficient to stream HD video to a tablet or phone) guaranteed throughout your home or we waive the Whole Home Wifi Fee. The fee can be waived only so long as the customer is subscribed to the service and paying the fee
  • Only available with Full-Fibre Broadband
  • One SuperPod is included alongside our Genexsis router. Up to three additional SuperPods will be provided free of charge as part of the Whole Home WiFi solution, to be provided only after initial installation
  • The Whole Home Wifi guarantee applies only to modern homes of up to four bedrooms. For the vast majority of homes two SuperPods will be more than adequate. Non-standard homes with extensions and conversions may need a third Superpod. Plume is not suitable for outbuildings requiring coverage if these are not immediately adjacent to the main home. For larger homes or homes with metallic linings embedded in internal walls, further SuperPods are available at £65 each
  • Superpods or Additional Superpods are available for sale only to customers subscribing to the Whole Home WiFi service
  • WightFibre will repair/replace SuperPods for as long as the customer continues to subscribe to the Whole Home WiFi service provided the SuperPods have not been physically damaged
  • WightFibre will install and register the Plume SuperPods. Customer must use only the Plume credentials provided by WightFibre otherwise the WightFibre Whole Home WiFi guarantee will not apply
  • Superpods remain the property of WightFibre and must be returned to WightFibre on request, for example, if you leave WightFibre. If Superpods are not returned WightFibre reserves the right to bill you £65 for SuperPods which have not been returned.


You are responsible for setting parental controls or any other controls available for each service and keeping them up to date. When parental controls are on:

  • we limit access to websites we (or our supplier) believe should be blocked because they may be unsafe or unsuitable for you to view or access (based on the choices you’ve made); and
  • websites are sorted for blocking by our supplier. We aren’t responsible for categorising websites or for you always being able to go to websites which aren’t barred.

Plume Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

No company succeeds without the trust of its customers. Everything we do at WightFibre, from the services we offer to the way we run our business, is done to earn your trust every day. Your personal privacy is at the foundation of that trust. We take the goal of protecting and defending your privacy very seriously.

The ideals below guide us in that mission.

You have control over your data.

Privacy mode allows you to limit Plume and WightFibre’s access to your information. However, that also means you lose some of our important security features, so be careful out there.

You have the right to be forgotten. Just let us know and we will clear your Plume data history.

We can send you your Plume data logs whenever you would like.

Your personal data stays personal.

Our technology analyses data with the sole purpose of improving your experience and protecting you online.

Our security features block potentially malicious sites. We only show these blocked sites in the Plume app to you, the user.

Access to your data is restricted to Plume and WightFibre employees on a need-to-know basis and subject to strict access controls. Our employees only see your data in order to improve your experience, like to assist you on a customer support call, and only after asking you first.