WightFibre Whole Home WiFi Powered by Plume® Guarantee and Homesafe

What is our Whole Home WiFi Guarantee?

  • We will provide connection to your devices to every room in your home at a minimum speed of 30Mbps via our WightFibre Hub, Extenders and SuperPods.  This speed is sufficient to stream 4K video. Only speed measurements from a capable device using the WightFibre HomePass app device speedtest tool.
  • If you report slow WiFi speeds and we are unable to fix these speeds within 30 days we will give you £100 credit on your next bill. Speeds measured to the centre of the room via the Homepass App only.
  • Whole Home WiFi guarantee applies to modern homes of up to five bedrooms. Bespoke homes with unusual extensions are not covered by the guarantee. Outbuildings are also excluded, including, but not limited to, garages, sheds and garden offices. Devices outside the home are also not covered. 
  • The guarantee only applies when your WightFibre Hub is connected to the internet, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other service guarantee.
  • You must not move nor relocate the provided WightFibre Hub, Extenders or Superpods without instruction by WightFibre. If you do this will invalidate the WiFi guarantee. 

Who is Eligible?

  • All customers who purchase WightFibre broadband with Whole Home WiFi, or have the Whole Home WiFi service included in their WightFibre broadband package are entitled to the Whole Home WiFi Guarantee.

Who owns the equipment?

  • WightFibre owns all networking equipment including WightFibre Extenders and SuperPods sent to you, and allows you to use the equipment as long as you have the Whole Home WiFi service. If you leave the Whole Home Service or the agreement is terminated you must return all the equipment provided. 

How does the guarantee work?

  • Our installation technicians will assess your home and provide you with  SuperPods for your home. The technician will also optimally position the SuperPods to optimise WiFi coverage. 
  • If you have had your Whole Home WiFi SuperPods installed in your home and you don’t have good WiFi speeds in every room, we’ll run some diagnostic tests and, if necessary, send out an engineer to ensure your Extenders and SuperPods are positioned in the best place within your home to enhance your WiFi signal. 
    Note: you will need to use the test as described in “How do I test the WiFi signal in each room” to measure your WiFi speeds using the Homepass App.
  • After all of that, if you still don’t have  WiFi speeds of 30Mbps in every room you can get a one-off credit on your next bill. The amount credited will be £100.

How do I test the WiFi signal speed in each room?

  • By using our HomePass app, and tapping the phone icon in the middle of the first screen. This takes you to a new screen that enables you to run a speed test to your device, press the speed dial icon on the bottom right of this new screen to start the test. 
  • Before you press the speed test icon, make sure you’re standing in the the room that you want to check the WiFi speeds in. Within a few seconds you’ll receive the outcome of the WiFi speed test. If your WiFi speed doesn’t reach the minimum 30Mbps speed, please contact us on 01983 242424. 
  • Ensure your device is not using a VPN as this will limit the available speed for the test, and will not be a true speed test result. 

How do I claim my credit if I don’t have sufficient speed in every room?

  • If you don’t have the guaranteed speed in every room, contact us on 01983 242424 and if we’re unable to resolve the issue within 30 days, we’ll arrange for a one-off credit to be applied to your next bill. 

What information will WightFibre collect as part of the Whole Home WiFi service?

  • We need to use information about the devices connected to your home network (such as the manufacturer and software version), and the connectivity experience (is it slow or dropping out, the speed and amount of data uploaded and downloaded) so we can best manage your service.  We do NOT monitor nor do we have visibility of the content of your data nor of websites or servers accessed personally by you or your devices.  The WightFibre privacy policy explains more.

I have taken individual SuperPods, will the Whole Home WiFi Guarantee apply to me?

  • Only customers who have taken the Whole Home WiFi service are eligible to benefit from the Whole Home WiFi Guarantee.

Additional information 

WiFi performance may be impacted by the Home environment, device limitations and number of users may affect WiFi performance. Individual device speed varies with distance and depends on Pod and Hub location. We reserve the right to amend our WiFi Guarantee terms or withdraw our WiFi Guarantee at any time.