Local, Secure, Accessible – The Island Cloud

island-cloudWe are proud to be the power behind PC Consultant’s Island Cloud storage solution. Island Cloud has been developed especially to meet the needs of Island Businesses delivering all the benefits of The Cloud but with local service and a hi-speed network. Should the worst happen to your business’ computer system, you can access your data quickly and directly from anywhere.

“Island Cloud helps businesses to reduce costs, improve communications and efficiency; increasing competitive advantage and enhancing the ability to achieve business goals. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the adoption of ‘Island Cloud’ is gathering pace across the Island.” – PC Consultants

Advantages of Island Cloud are:

  • A local and accessible service – You know exactly where your information is secured.
  • Backups are held remotely for you.
  • Cost effective – Eliminate the need for complicated IT infrastructures within your business.
  • Convenience – access information that is held in the Island Cloud from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Collaboration – work together with your colleagues on the same projects but from different locations.
  • Enterprise Level security – high security service which is incredibly difficult to be hacked.
  • Variable size storage – only pay for the storage that your business needs and decrease or increase your storage accordingly.