Mobile roaming charges finally scrapped in EU

After years of discussion, member countries of the European Union have finally decided to scrap roaming charges. The new rules mean that European citizens travelling around Europe will no longer have to pay extra fees on top of their usual tariff to make calls, send texts or use data while abroad – they will just pay the same charges as they do at home.

This means the next time you travel to Europe, you don’t have to worry about getting ‘bill shock’ from running up extra fees and charges when roaming. There are no hidden charges, it is not necessary to sign-up and there are no special terms and conditions to this – just enjoy paying less.

This concludes changes to the entire industry that brands like Three & Vodafone began making a while ago. Some critics worry that data costs in the UK could rise as a result to make up for the loss of revenue to mobile operators, but this is somewhat unfounded.

And what about Brexit? When the UK does exit the European Union, the free roaming regulations will not automatically be incorporated into our own laws. That doesn’t mean the British government will drop the idea, but it will have to pass its own law. In the meantime, however, you’re safe to roam without extra charges. Although most operators already put a cap on over-the-top charges and some had already offered free roaming, it doesn’t mean that this new ruling isn’t being welcomed with open arms and you will be able to enjoy it for at least a few years until we breakaway from Europe and the situation is reviewed.