What you need to know about Kodi

With Black Friday sales still on and Christmas quickly approaching, you or someone you know may be hoping to receive a media streaming device which uses Kodi this year. After many headlines claiming such devices can be illegal to use, the idea of buying one for someone you care about may make you feel uncomfortable, that’s why we’ve written this short blog to explain the ins and outs of the legality behind Kodi and how you can enjoy its features safely and legally.

Q Is it legal to download and use Kodi?

A Yes, Kodi is perfectly legal software to use and it is also fine to buy a digital TV device which comes pre-loaded with software. The trouble occurs when such a device is preloaded with apps and add-ons that may allow access to copyrighted content, such as TV, films, sports, music and games.

Q What are the risks of streaming illegally?

A Whether it’s illegal streaming or downloading, these activities leave you and your family open to attacks from malware, viruses, ransomware, scams and fraud.

Q How can I avoid illegal streams?

A If you are looking to purchase a device or service that is claiming you can access films that are currently showing at the cinema – or is giving away premium TV services without a subscription from an official provider, then it’s almost certainly illegal. Stay clear of any service or product that seems too good to be true and offers the users ways to dodge direct subscriptions.

Q Why is watching a temporary stream illegal?

A Earlier this year, The EU Court of Justice ruled that people using a digital device to stream and watch content without the right permissions were breaking the law. This ruling includes temporary acts of reproduction of a copyright-protected work without the consent of the copyright holder – in short, temporary streams.

Q So what is Kodi good for?

A Used correctly, it will allow you to access music, photos and videos stored on one device, and play them on another device (streaming). It can also stream and record live TV, supports electronic programme guides, and even has smartphone apps which let you use your phone as a remote control or gaming controller. Another highlight of using this software is that it will play nearly every file format and can automatically categorise your content for you.

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