Nick & Veronica Edwards

Dear Wightfibre,

Two of you employees installed 152M Broadband and telephone at our house in Cowes yesterday afternoon. The whole job was done very efficiently and professionally, with the minimum of inconvenience to us, despite them having to devise a route through from the road to the telephone and router site in the house (and work around our friendly but inquisitive little dog!).

We were pleased with their “nothings a problem” attitude and their technical competence in helping connect to our existing house server network and wifi; they clearly know what they are doing!

Best of all, we now have swapped our noisy telephone line and slow (or stopped!) 5.0 / 0.5 MBPS down/up (at best) ADSL connection for a telephone with no background noise and an extremely impressive 151 / 14 MBPS (via wifi !) broadband.

It’s early days, but I have high hopes of excellent service, given my experience of the last 24 hours with you.

You are welcome to use this email as a testimonial (but please omit our address).

With best regards,