November focus on the best WhatsApp features

Across the world, 31% of mobile phone users use WhatsApp as their primary messaging service, making it one of the most popular of all time. This month we’re looking at some of the new features as well as old favourites that make people love it so much.

Disappearing messages

Since joining the Facebook family, WhatsApp has introduced disappearing messages, much like the feature more well known on the app SnapChat. When sending a photo message, a user can tap the little clock button (before sending) to control how long the image will be visible for. Careful though – this should be used for fun and can never be guaranteed, especially if your contact at the other end is quick to use their screenshot function!

Drop a location pin

A feature that has been on WhatsApp for a while now is location pin. This enables you to show the recipient exactly where you are at the time of sending (as long as you are connected to the internet!). This feature is also mirrored on Meta’s Facebook messenger and is incredibly useful, even if it’s just to let your friend know where you are and to pop the kettle on ready for your arrival! Recently, it helped to save 3 hikers who got lost whilst climbing Gunung Panti in Johor!

Leave a group silently

This is one of the newer features that has recently been introduced to WhatsApp. It’s always awkward when a friend adds you to a group you don’t really want to be in, or perhaps you’re part of a group that just wont stop going off (you could mute notifications in this case). Well now, you can select the option to silently leave a group and only the admin will be notified. Prior to this being added as an option, a note would pop up to everyone saying you had left – this doesn’t happen now!

Unlimited emoji reactions

In line with it’s sister app Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp now allows you to react to a message with any emoji you like! To save time replying, you just need to hold down the message that your contact has sent and press the plus button to select to emoji which best expresses your response.

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