Photorealism: Gaming in Style, with WightFibre

If you’re expecting a new gaming gadget this Christmas, for an upcoming birthday or if you just have some spare money and fancy treating yourself to a new console or game, you’ll be surprised to hear just how many devices are now dependent on a good broadband connection.

So if you’re a gamer then we’re sure you already know about the constant development in the game industry; recently including the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console. But with consistent developments with consoles, there is also the need for updating the games you play on them.

Photorealism in Gaming

The world is your oyster. And for some of us that oyster comes in the form of gaming! Although many of us still worship and appreciate the retro, old school, pixelated classics like Mario and Sonic that have been around for generations, the gaming community have journeyed leaps and bounds into a graphics development that is now incredibly realistic. Using a technique called ‘photogrammetry’ game creators are now able to replicate photographs for the graphics within gaming. This means that, by using high-speed imaging in gaming, we are now able to analyse different areas such as 2-D and 3-D motion fields and motion processes of people or animals. This incredible ongoing development means that many of the realistic games you play today are created with photogrammetry. We at WightFibre wouldn’t be surprised if MMO (massively multiplayer online) games such as GTA 5, with its detailed scenery, large landscapes and realistic features, were created in light of photogrammetry.

Many upcoming games are already taking on the development of photorealism, with the Canadian studio Pixyul already discussing ideas on scanning the globe using drones in order to replicate their findings within a new game. Their aim is to scan every area of the globe 1 km2 at a time. This inevitably means the landscape of future games will be the reconstruction of real life environments as 3D objects.

For more incredible information on this project, go to the following link:

The Future of Gaming with WightFibre

So previously, where games have only been able to interpret different areas of the globe (however impressive) the future looks to be able to actually replicate the globe, rather than just mimic it.

With such a vast and impressive development occurring in gaming, inevitably you will need a broadband speed to match in order to enable the full online gaming experience. We ate WightFibre suggest you take a look at our great broadband packages to set you up for a great future in gaming.

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