Play classic Nintendo games in your browser

Over the years, Nintendo has produced some wonderful console games, from the Mario series through to Zelda. To accompany the launch of these gems, the company produced small, playable Flash titles – many of which have sadly been lost to time.

This online collection collates these browser-based renditions of classics such as Tetris DS and Donkey Kong 64. There are more than 30 Flash games to choose from, just select the game you’d like to play and make sure Flash is running in your browser (you can disable it afterwards if you’re worried about the security risk).

We’d advise you try The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Mario Party and Metroid Prime, but be warned that some games are missing a few files. Collection curator Skelux is offering cash rewards for anyone who can help track them down.

You can relive you favourite titles by clicking here!