Pounds for a Sound

Have you checked out the brand new WightFibre competition on Isle of Wight Radio – Pounds for a Sound.

Play each weekday at 8.20am and 5ishpm and weekends at 10.20am – all you need to do to win is guess what the mystery sound is. Sounds easy? So far over 40 guesses have been incorrect – check them out below!

The current price pot stands at £1295! To hear the sound and find out how to guess click here.

Good Luck

Incorrect guesses so far:

  • A car driving over gravel
  • Automatic card shuffler
  • Ball in a roulette wheel
  • Bank counting machine
  • Bank note counting machine
  • Bath mat
  • Bingo ball machine
  • Bus engine
  • Cards in the spoke of a bike
  • Casino card shuffler
  • Clocking in and clocking out
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coins in a fruit machine jackpot
  • Dominos falling
  • Electric sewing machine
  • Falling tree
  • Filling a watering can
  • Garden shredder
  • Golf balls tipping
  • Ice dispenser
  • Kerplunk game
  • Lottery ball machine
  • Mechanical adding machine
  • Mechanical pencil sharpener
  • Money counting machine
  • Motor bike
  • Office shredder
  • Old film projector
  • One armed bandit/fruit machine
  • Peas into a saucepan
  • Popcorn popping
  • Putting something into a deep fat fryer
  • Rain maker toy
  • Roulette wheel
  • Round of applause
  • Sewing machine
  • Sipping through a straw
  • Spinning coin
  • Starting a lawnmower
  • Sucking through a straw
  • Tap on into a plastic bucket
  • Traction engine being firing up
  • Waste disposal machine
  • Window blind