Practical Lessons for Better Business with Dale Howarth

Dale Howarth is an award winning business mentor and acclaimed speaker and writer. He has worked with many big brands from HSBC and American Express to top businesses closer to home like Wightfibre and PC Consultants.

In his recent seminar titled ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’, an audience of 140 delegates joined Dale to learn from his vast experience. The event was fully booked within weeks of it being announced and was supported by leading businesses and organisations including Wightfibre, Brightbulb Design, Lifeline Security and The Isle of Wight County Press.

In this brief video, you can get a taster of how Dale approaches engagement in business and how you too can work towards better business. As Dale says – ‘For most businesses, what they need to be more successful is already there… I help to unlock this potential‘.