Receive your own messages from Father Christmas!

Portable North Pole is a fantastic way to boost the spirit of Christmas in your home with personalised messages to your family from Father Christmas.

For your personalised greeting, Father Christmas just needs to know:

  • ❄ The child or adult’s name
  • ❄ Their date of birth
  • ❄ What they have done particularly well this year (multiple choice answers)
  • ❄ A photo of them to appear in Santa’s ‘Big Book’

There are several paid for versions to choose from, but the free video is fantastic and isn’t any less impressive or filled with adverts. You can also download the app version of Portable North Pole for your mobile device and there is a ‘reaction cam’ feature so you can even record the look of amazement on your children’s faces!

This year you can buy PNP merchandise, visit Santa’s village and some of the money made is donated to Children’s Hospitals around the world!

Top tip – Try a few test runs before you commit to showing your child the finished result – you want to get it perfect!