Roy Watson

Why I like Wightfibre:

  • Free phone call to their Office.
  • No annoying menu.
  • I get to speak to a person in the Office who knows what he/she is talking about (in English) and can usually sort things out over the phone.
  • If my set top box goes u/s and report it to the Office, I can either wait for them to come and collect and leave replacement, or, I can take a 45 minute drive to their Office and swap over the boxes.

I too have been with them since they opened up shop, after watching the trenches being dug for the cables, which lay dormant until then. As soon as a Rep. knocked I yanked him in and signed up on the spot.

Service has generally been good over the years, and prices are good too. I mean, if I had the funds I could have 100MB BB speeds..!!. I am on 30MB, (basic) TV and phone, which is plenty fast enough for my needs, and these days, that is the speed I get, whereas before it was ‘speeds up to’ etc.

The best speeds in my are around 10-12MB from competitors.