Sculpt and paint your own 3D model online

Forget bronze, marble, clay or even ice. If you fancy trying your hand at sculpting, you can now do so using an amazingly fun, creative online tool called VoxSculpt.

Designed for use in Chrome browsers, it presents you with a cube of ‘voxels’ – essentially, the building blocks from which 3D models are calculated and displayed.

You’re then invited to use your mouse to sculpt and paint it to your heart’s content, while selecting the required brush sizes, colour and style. It’s certainly easy to use, thanks to its simple controls, and as the images on the introduction page show, it is possible – with patience and skill – to come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful creations.

Once you’ve produced your masterpiece, you can save your work as a BMP file. You can even import files as an image or in the Magica Voxel VOX format. Give it a go now by clicking here.