Seminars Confirmed For Business Expo ’15

Business Expo 15Business Expo Seminars
Wednesday 23 September 2015 – Lakeside Park Hotel, Wootton Bridge

The following seminars /presentations will take place during the day.  There is limited availability on these so if you wish to pre-book please click here.


Dee Becker Marketing Specialist & Professional Style Coach
Maximise your business potential through effective messaging.
Mandy Gale, Travel Counsellors
Aimed at Corporate Travel, but with useful tips for personal trips this workshop answers those niggling doubts that we all have when poised over the “Book Now” button!
Isle of Wight Ambulance
1pm – 1.30pm
A demonstration of how to initially manage an out of hospital cardiac arrest, including the safe use of an automated external defibrillator.
Ian Jenkins, IW Chamber
Transport isn’t just about getting from A to B – it is an essential part of business.
Kevin Smith Chief Executive IW Chamber of Commerce
Find out more about the Quality In Business Award, launched by the IW Chamber, which will set the quality standard for the Island’s business community.
Chris Court, Chris Court Associates
Everything you ever needed to know about getting value from being online, but were afraid to ask.
Dale Howarth, Jigsaw Sales & Marketing
In this presentation Dale Howarth will outline the approach needed for success, how to create award winning entries and gather the evidence to support them – significantly increasing your chances of winning and saving you valuable time.
These details have been shared from IWChamber‘s latest newsletter.
Who are you looking forward to seeing, or are your even taking part in this year’s Expo? Please let us know via Facebook or Twitter!