September’s Top 5 Websites

Here we are, waving goodbye to Summer and welcoming (in some cases begrudgingly) Winter. The start of September means that we have another collection of our Top 5 websites for you to enjoy at home, work or whilst travelling.

This month we have featured an addictive browser-based game, an astonishing look at the last thirty years of the world’s development through satellite images, elaborate purchases and more.

If you have a favourite website that you’d like us to share with other Wightfibre fans, then please contact us on Facebook. is an addictive game which is available to play through your computer browser or their dedicated app. The idea of the game is to grow your bubble by controlling it through your cursor or finger movements, you must avoid getting engulfed by other users, while accumulating mass to increase your own size.

Agario top website

TIME’s Timelapse

This large-scale collaboration between TIME magazine and Google sees the earth timelapse-mapped over three decades to reveal how climate change and human evolution have changed the world. As well as searching your own local area, this viewing tool enables you to see famous locations such as the Columbia Glaciers, Amazon Forests, Dubai and Las Vegas. Be careful though, you could end up spending hours on this site!

Times Time Lapse Map


There’s nothing more annoying than trying to reach a company and having to navigate menu after menu of irrelevant options. If you’re a Wightfibre customer, then you’ll know we pride ourselves on our local, human service, that’s why we thought this site is absolutely brilliant. All you need to do is visit the site and type in the company that you are trying to get hold of, you will then be presented with the relevant phone number and even which order to press your telephone keypad buttons for the quickest human response. Visitors to this site recommend it highly as a ‘tremendous time-saver’.

Get Human Top Websites

Draw A Stickman

Draw a Stickman is a great website to kill ten or fifteen minutes if you’re bored. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to guide the stickman through his own story-world. The site is a subtle advertisement for something called, but that doesn’t impact on the user experience at all.

draw a stick man top websites

This is why I’m Broke

If you like the website I Want One of (IWOOT), then you’ll love this website. The products on this site are almost all things that you will never need, but will absolutely want! From a pedal to lift the toilet seat and cat hoodies, to a flying car and coffee table aquarium, this site knows no boundaries (or budget!). We have of course noticed that this site uses American dollars and therefore may not deliver to the UK, but it is perfect for exciting and unique gift ideas (or just to browse on a slow day).

Why I'm Broke .com blog image Wightfibre top websites (1)

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