Smart technology leads to Smartwatch

Google has made an exciting announcement involving smartwatches.
7th July will see the shipping of the first smartwatches powered by the
Android Wear operating system.

Steffen Sorrell, from the Juniper Research consultancy, told the BBC “The
problem with smartwatches so far has been that the sector hasn’t quite
decided what it wants to be – is it a phone on your wrist or an accessory
There will be two types of watches being released, the LG G Watch which will
retail at £145 and the Samsung Gear Live, both of which have rectangular
screens and a range of innovative features. Users will be able to set
reminders, reject phone calls, set a function to vibrate and play music.
Also, the software will include an app which will make it possible to order fast
food and another which allows the user to hail a taxi.

Is the smartwatch for you?