Smart watch or torture watch?

A smart watch with an ‘electric’ difference!


Spark Watch



So, we’ve had smart watches that interact with your phone, TV, home hi-fi systems and so on and so forth… There have been smart watches to wake you up, watches to monitor your health, your fitness and general mood… But like with many tech ‘genius’s’ – someone always has to go that step too far. A watch to prevent you falling asleep has been created.

Sure, what a great idea right? You’ve had a late one, you’re at a meeting at work and you’re knackered. The last thing you want is to nod off during the latest ‘death by powerpoint’ presentation and be asked your opinion on the last five minutes-worth and end up looking like a numpty infront of your boss! Well, if this sounds like your typical Thursday – there’s GREAT NEWS for you on the horizon. The smart watch that prevents you falling asleep is almost here!

In order to check whether you are falling to sleep or not, Spark monitors your movement velocity and frequency. These two sensors “gather data into a unique algorithm” that will estimate your conscious state. It then ‘shocks’ you, or vibrates you into a fully-conscious state. No more tellings-off at work! Weyhey!

In all seriousness though… this could be a great little piece of innovative technology for nightshift workers, doctors, surgeons (you’d hope they’re not tired anyway!), pilots (eek), and other socially-awkward-timed careers.

Though, with all things good, there is a fair display of yin and yang… A balance. For everything that is there for good intentions – there is always someone there who can spot the uses of this funky new product and use it for more ‘sinister’ things. Lets just hope nobody uses this new smart watch to keep people awake for prolonged periods of time. That would be real torture!

So, for the skeptics who may think this is a joke post… These guys, Blanc (the company that owns Spark) has had a successful kickstarted campaign already where they raised the $6,000 they asked for in a fast time. These funky new devices are scheduled to retail for just $49. Expect them in the UK soon.

Are you going to be getting one when they’re out?