Snapseed – High quality photo editing from Google

If you’re looking for semi-professional, free photo editing software for your phone, then look no further than Google’s Snapseed. Snapseed has powerful tools and an interface that’s easy to use, with each editing screen offering a choice of related options.

Scroll up and down to select the adjustment you want to make, then swipe from side to side to apply it. It couldn’t be simpler. This app offers a great selection of brush tools and with some time and patience, these can do more for a picture than blanket adjustments will ever manage.

There’s no question that this app is aimed at more skilled users but it has plenty to offer those who want to learn, too. It even features in-app tutorials and YouTube videos to show what’s possible with a little creative thinking.

You can download Snapseed and try it for yourself by clicking here. Why not share your results with us on Facebook or Twitter?