Stay safe in the sea thanks to SAS app

There has been a lot of talk of water quality and untreated sewage discharge in recent weeks, something especially worrying on the Isle of Wight as we are of course, surrounded by the sea! That’s why we love this app from Surfers Against Sewage.

The Isle of Wight has enjoyed some incredible weather this summer, with bathers and water-sport enthusiast rushing to the coastline to enjoy the cool sea breeze and water. But, what some don’t realise is that the water quality can be potentially harmful to your health at certain times. Unfortunately raw sewage discharge does happen and this is the only app which tells us when and where in real-time.

This app works for over 370 locations across the UK so it’s also ideal to take away with you on your holidays to check and make an informed decision before you have a paddle.

An added bonus to this app is extra information for various locations, such as the tide times and whether there is a lifeguard service.

“When untreated sewage is discharged, Surfers Against Sewage is automatically notified by water companies and a real-time sewage alert is sent through the app so you can avoid it. Water quality can also be reduced by heavy rainfall causing the input of multiple, often unidentified pollution sources, including road, urban and agricultural run-off. When these sources combine, they can often have a significant impact on water quality. The app also includes daily pollution risk forecasts made by the Environment Agency, NRW and SEPA for over 300 locations.”

Surfers Against Sewage

You can download this app by visiting the Apple AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android).