A study indicates that Internet, mobile phones are essential for UK consumers

Another internet and mobile phone study, but interesting!

Apparently, UK consumers believe that they cannot live without mobile phones and the internet, says the results of new Ofcom research. The study examined which communications services UK consumers consider ‘essential’ in their day to day lives and whether they are affordable. Apparently, the ability to stay in frequent contact with friends, family and access information such as internet services like Facebook, Google and Whatsapp, access to education and entertainment as well as the emergency services were amongst the most important elements and key functions of their essential services!

Overall, the study found that phone services, in particular mobiles, and internet access were most essential to UK consumers.


mobile internet

Of the people surveyed:

61% rated voice services as essential

59% considered mobile voice or text services as essential

57% regarded personal internet access as essential – which is what we found surprising, since most other functions can now be accessed via internet!

Also, an interesting stat that was found is that 61% of those aged 75+ believed that having a landline is essential in comparison to just 12% of 16-24 year olds!

Accessing the internet via a smartphone was considered essential to 53 percent of 16-24 year olds, but to no one aged 75 and above.

What’s your view on the above findings? In-line with your own thoughts, or do you go against the grain?