Your Staycation Weather App Guide

With the pubs opening their gardens to enjoy and staycations on the cards for most, we thought we’d take a look at some handy apps you may find useful for dealing with the unpredictable great British outdoors! Living on an Island means it’s imperative to know what the tides are doing, so we’ve found a fab app for that, as well as one that’ll help you plan your moves by presenting the weather en-route to your destination if you’re going further afield.

Solar Watch

Cost: Free (or £5.99 for pro features)

What’s especially interesting about this app, is that it allows you to track daylight rather than weather conditions. It’s perfect for professionals such as sportsmen or photographers, as well as for every day use such as planning whether you’ll have enough daylight for your BBQ on the weekend. The main display for this app is a user-friendly sun dial, which indicates the sunrise and sunset.

Tides Near Me

Cost: Free

Arguably the most important app we’ve chosen to feature is Tides Near Me. This is SO useful for gauging the tides, especially if you’re going to visit more remote beaches and chines around the Island (or on the mainland). Everyone has probably experienced arriving to the beach at completely the wrong time due to the tides and this will help to avoid that happening ever again! Don’t be one of those families shamed on Facebook for getting cut-off by the tide and having to be rescued (!) – and on a more serious note, help our incredible coastguard team by taking responsibility for your movements in this small way.

Air Matters

Cost: Free

If you suffer from hay fever, this app could be a lifesaver for you this summer! As hay fever sufferers know, a particularly high-pollen count can ruin your plans for the day. Air Matters allows you to view local air quality with easy to read colour-coded information that is presented clearly with the main points made larger. This app is available for free on iOS and Android, so everyone’s covered.

Weather on the Way

Cost: Free (or £2.99 for pro features)

The nifty map-based app combines navigation and weather forecasting to allow you to view the conditions en-route to your destination! This is especially useful if you’re planning a couple of stop-offs or are trying to decide whether to visit a theme park on the way to your final destination. Small weather icons are placed along your chosen route showing the expected time of passing those points. This app even allows you to upgrade for a small cost to be able to set departure times and receive alternative route recommendations. At the moment this app is only available on iOS.

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