Uncovered: What is the Clubhouse App?

What is the Clubhouse App? Where’s it come from and why is everyone suddenly talking about it? We’ve done some investigating to find you the answers and find out what all the fuss is about!

What Is Clubhouse?

You may remember that we saw an app called HouseParty last summer. The aim of this was to be able to chat, socialise and play games through it – essentially have a party with friends online. Well, Clubhouse is the latest app to boast these features and has been described as an amalgamation of HouseParty and a conference call. Users can listen to discussions, interviews, a bit like a podcast but more exclusive.

How Do I Join?

What makes Clubhouse so special and sought after at the moment is that you have to be invited by a member to join and sign-up. Each new member initially only has two invites to send to friends, so you need to be quite fussy when selecting those contacts! One of the reasons for this is that the app is still in its Beta stage and the creators have said that:

‘In 2021 we hope to open up Clubhouse to the whole world’

– so if you don’t get an invite, just hang in there!

Why Is It SO Popular?

In February Clubhouse membership tipped 2 million users, partly as a result of Elon Musk propelling it into the mainstream after holding an exclusive audio chat with Vlad Tenev on it. Marketplace websites such as Ebay are currently seeing invitations being listed for sale for between £5 – £20!

What Does The Future Hold?

Developers of the Clubhouse app have already teased at what’s in store in coming months. Features to be added include tipping members that host chats, subscriptions to your favourite chats and even tickets to attend the chats you want to – just like a gig or conference. The app is currently valued at £1billion (!) and is being hailed as the hottest new Unicorn start-up, comparative to the likes of Air BnB and Uber!

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