The 2018 IW Radio Child of Wight Awards – Winners!

Last Friday (18th May), a spectacular ceremony was held at Cowes Yacht Haven to celebrate the courageous and exceptional children that we have here on the Isle of Wight.

The overall winner for Child Of Wight was Sophie Mackinnon who received dozens of nominations. Described as “courageous”, she was born 13 weeks early and is an inspirational fighter. She has undergone ten operations, including an astonishing eight on her brain. Sophie is an extremely loving and caring little girl whose best friend is her Ability Dog Trixie.

The Asa Singleton Most Courageous Child award went to Ediz Ibrahim. A 12-year-old with “a zest for life, adventure and a wicked sense of humour”. Ediz has undergone three years of treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. To keep him busy, he has learned magic tricks that have kept the Children’s Community Nursing team (who nominated him) entertained.

Sporting Stars Newchurch Primary Under 11 Girls had an incredible 2017. They won the Island Schools’ U11 League and cup and finished with a 100% win rate in 2016/17. They won the Danone Cup in September 2016, and went on to represent the Isle of Wight in a Hampshire tournament in Southampton, becoming Hampshire Champions.

The Child Of Wight Make A Difference award was handed to the Isle of Wight Youth Trust Young Ambassadors. Individually, they have faced significant hurdles in their own lives. Some have faced personal mental health issues. Using negatives and turning them into positives, they are working to ensure no other young person, experiences the same challenges.

Young Achiever is a girl who is reaching her goals through hard work and determination, in spite of difficult circumstances. She regularly performs with Dance Vibez for charity day events, at residential homes and festivals. Even at Disneyland Paris. Sophie Crombie was born premature and weighed only 2lb 5oz. She is much smaller than the average eight-year-old and suffers pain in her joints, due to hypermobility. She still performs in the hope she can brighten someone’s day a little.

Young Carer Chloe May Watts looks after her mum, helps with the shopping and cooks with her dad. She has memorised her mum’s medications and never moans about helping, instead of going out to play.

The Fundraiser award was jointly awarded to two little girls who cut their lovely long hair to donate hair to the Little Princess Trust. It makes wigs for children with Cancer Treatment. Between them, Kalli Bancroft and Millie Heelan have also raised more than £1,000 for charity.

Young Performer Louis Harris is a gifted dancer and a member of the Ryde Academy Elite Team. He is also on the rock challenge committee for Ryde Academy. He was selected to be a national youth dance ambassador for Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden, London. He won a full scholarship to attend a summer school at the Northern Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance.

Best Friend Kristian Schafer is kind and caring and has supported his friend through secondary school. He plays card and board games, helps with homework and makes lovely American pancakes with cream cheese and smoked salmon!

Brayley Shore, 16, was named Best Brother for his love and support for 11-year-old Christopher. Christopher has Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. His brother has been amazing.

Ten-year-old Lottie Wilson is Best Sister. The oldest of three, she has learnt Makaton sign language so she can teach her sister, who has Down’s Syndrome. Her little brother also has a lot of medical needs and again she is always on hand to help wherever it is needed. When he needed major surgery Lottie stayed with her Mum at his bedside, so that she would not be lonely and helped the nurses for a week, rather than enjoy her school holidays.