The Apple HomePod

Alexa and Google Assistant have been household names for a while now, producing several affordable products that showcase their intelligent smart home features.

Now Apple is joining the smart home, voice assistant market with their new release – the HomePod. The HomePod exceeds the price of the market leaders by a fair amount, coming in at around £319, so why is it so expensive in comparison? The main reason for the inflated price tag is that the HomePod features exceptional sound quality, something that has been lacking in offerings from Amazon and Google. When you first place the speaker in your home, the HomePod ‘listens’ to it’s surroundings and adjusts its sound to suit the space that it’s in.

As expected, the voice assistant on the HomePod is Siri, just like the iPhone version and it is said to offer a much more comprehensive service than its rivals. This is especially evident when you are using Apple Music, you can even go as far as to ask who is playing a particular instrument on your favourite song. As with existing assistants, it will also share the news with you, find directions, recipes, the weather and offer advice on live travel conditions.

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