The online home of Lego – Something for all ages!

Lego’s two distinct websites – one for retail and one for content – have been combined into one. The homepage now offers shopping and support on the left-hand side, and fun brick-related content on the right.

Browsing products lets you check out the many Lego themes with the newest additions clearly highlighted and you can also jump to a certain category of interest, such as coding, robots or STEM. As well as all of this, it also has promotions and exclusives for users.

The content side is, as before, brimming with info about the sets, and lets you enjoy videos, characters and games.It’s also easier to find a physical store, join the points-earning VIP scheme and find spare Lego parts.


New products, promotions and exclusives are clearly highlighted alongside any special offers.


Find the items you’re after by narrowing them down according to age, popularity, price and more.

Pick a Brick

If you need a specific brick or mini-figure, you can buy individual bricks from a HUGE over one thousand.

Kids Zone

Arguably the best part of the new set-up – the Kids Zone has lots of activities for children and even a free Lego Life magazine for five to nine year-olds.

You can check out the new lay-out for yourself here.