The Social Distancing App – Syook

Lockdown restrictions are starting to lift, but it looks as if social distancing will be in place for a while to come. After the first App released by the UK government exclusively to Islanders has been scrapped and a replacement is yet to be announced, you could find some solace in this app for the meantime. The Social Distancing App helps us to remain vigilant and even scores your efforts which encourage you to remember to keep an appropriate distance from others.

As with the original NHS Covid-19 app, this app operates by using Bluetooth signals to establish your proximity to others, sending notifications to remind you to keep a safe distance and generating a social distance score to help you analyse your daily interactions.

To avoid confusion in your own home or social bubble, you can add other frequently encountered devices to your ‘snooze list’, these devices are then not included in your daily score calculation. If there are no social distancing violations throughout the day, then you will receive the top score of 100%

A bonus to using this app is that you don’t have to sign-up to use it and the developers operate a very strict privacy policy, stating that they do not know who users are and do not track their location either.The Social Distancing App is currently only available for Android users, but developers Syook promise that there is an iOS version being rolled out soon. If you’re an Android user, then you can download this now using your Ultrafast WightFibre connection.