August’s Top 5 Websites – Summer Holiday Special!

We’ve been looking online for the top children’s websites for the summer holidays!

Here are our top five, many of which are based around the most popular children’s televison channels, such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. These websites are fantastic for your child to enjoy alone or with friends, but also have many activities you can do as a family, like printable resources.

Using these sites throughout the summer, your children can learn new skills such as coding, discover yummy new recipes, make Olympic 2016 crafts and more.


The Cbeebies official website is home to old and new favourites for younger children, from Danger Mouse and Shaun the Sheep to In the Night Garden and Nina and the Neurons.

Your child can choose from Shows, Games, Watch and Sing and more. The Make and Colour page is full of endless ideas for things to make with your children such as an Olympic torch flame and even easy tasty recipes like Pizza Boats.

We liked the ‘Grown Ups’ section of the Cbeebies site – here you can find out more about BBC services for children – for example, did you know that there is an iPlayer for Kids? It also has valuable resources such as phonics explained, child development and deciding to get a pet.

Cbeebies Kids Site

Moshi Monsters

What are Moshi Monsters? Moshi Monsters are the modern day equivalent of Tamagotchis, they are monster pets that your child can adopt through the online game and care for. The options with Moshi Monsters seem to be never-ending, you can change their appearance, build them new houses and even get your pet – a pet (a Moshling).

Moshi Monsters is free to play, but they also offer a paid-for Membership which allows access to even more features, although we found that the free version has more than enough to amuse your children for hours.

Throughout the game your children will need to solve puzzles, care for their Moshi Monster, socialise with other Moshi Monsters and complete Super Moshi missions. This site is fantastic for young imaginations, but be careful – it’s highly likely the whole family will want a Moshi Monster and you will all be hooked!

Moshi Monsters Kids Site

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr is the younger version of Nickelodeon. It is currently home to some of the top children’s shows such as Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Paw Patrol. Their dedicated site has an abundance of resources for children to play, learn and discover.

Your little one can enter competitions, make their favourite characters from print-outs and play games like Paw Patrol: Rescue Run. The site also features a useful Fun Finder tool in the Grown-Ups section. By using this, you can select different search filters including ‘what to do’, ‘where to do it’ and ‘who is it for’, you will then be presented with the most relevant list of activities, games and more from the Nick Jr site for you and you child to do.

Nick Jnr kids site


The parent site of Nick Jr, this website is aimed at slightly older children and young teens. It features all of their favourite shows and characters from Nickelodeon and hours activities for them. What’s particulary nice about this site is that you can play games to reach the leaderboard and win prizes. It also has an Apps section where your children can download games for on-the-go, such as Sky Whale and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run.

Our favourite part of the Nickelodeon website is their Code It section. Here your child can learn code for computers in a simple and easy way and they will earn awards when they complete set tasks.

Nickelodeon kids site

Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network website has slightly less to do than the other channels that we have mentioned, but the quality of its content is brilliant. Children can play games featuring their favourite characters, but can also watch full episodes of Cartoon Network programmes through their browser.

This site also feautures a Community section. This is where Cartoon Network share their latest news and sometimes annoyingly, adverts. The posts that aren’t adverts are often very fun, offering children the chance to play games before anyone else and enter competitions too.

Cartoon Network Kids Site

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