‘How Are You?’ – Try the new Public Health England quiz now

Are you worried that you’re not exercising enough or keeping in good shape? Public Health England have recently launched a new online test which is quick and easy and can give you a rough idea of your current health status.

The new test is aimed at people that are over the age of 18 and it takes around 10 minutes to complete. All you do to complete the test is to answer a series of questions about your general mood and lifestyle, daily and weekly activities, and food and alcohol intake. This in-turn results in a brief assessment of your answers to each of the five sections.

At the end of the quiz, you’re given an overall score and a comprehensive analysis of your health. There are details about how you can reduce stress, lose weight and cut bad habits, too.

What are you waiting for, you could improve your health in your lunch break – click here to begin.