Try out virtual reality in your Chrome web browser

Did you receive a virtual reality headset for your birthday or Christmas, but didn’t really get the most out of it? Virtual reality is still in it’s infancy and games and videos to play or explore can be far and few between. You may even need to purchase them, leaving you unsure of whether the experience will be worth it.

WebVR Experiments from Google is a series of 12 virtual reality experiments that you can try out for free through your Chrome browser. You can view them through your computer’s browser.

Each game or demo gets its own page containing a video of the experiment in action, screenshots, an explanation and social-media Share buttons. Just click a button to play and enjoy the experience.

Not sure where to start? No problem, because Google have a comprehensive ‘How To View’ section explaining how to set-up your VR and links to the browsers and headsets that support WebVR. There is even a section for the tech-savvy to submit their own experiments.

Have you tried virtual reality? How did you find it? Wightfibre can help to ensure a seamless viewing experience with out Broadband- find out more here. Let us know what your favourite VR experience is on our Facebook or Twitter.