Turn your doodles into masterpieces

Google’s latest AI experiment is Autodraw.com, it works on the same principle of auto-correct for the written word, but for your digital drawings instead.

This new tool is very user friendly with minimal options and an easy to use, self explanatory interface. Simply draw whatever you like using the drawing tool (much like Windows Paint) and the toolbar across the top will flash up with ‘corrections’ for your drawing. We found this incredibly good fun and the system is actually very good at guessing the correct clip art for you (although there is sometimes the odd anomaly!).

You can choose from various tools to make your doodle a ‘masterpiece’ including:

  • Select
  • Type
  • Autodraw
  • Draw
  • Fill
  • Shape
  • Colour

You can then visit the user menu to download your work or share it with friends on social media. It even includes a ‘How to’ help section and keyboard shortcuts graphic for you to really hone your drawing skills.

Have a go for yourself and let us know how you get on, we’d love to see what clip art you find on Autodraw. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.