Turn your ‘new tab’ page into a useful desktop scene

This new extension for your Chrome browser will make your bookmarks bar a thing of the past.

Introducing the new Chrome extension – Desktop For Chrome. Once installed, this nifty extension will activate each time you select new tab. Instead of visiting your chosen homepage or displaying the blank new tab message, you will be presented with a virtual desktop which features your favourite websites, handy notes and more. The colourful cartoon workstation provides a useful hub for all of your most frequent actions online.


Look through the window to see the temperature and weather conditions, view appointments in the wall calendar, check your to-do list on the notice board and even get the time on your digital alarm clock. The are also personalised design options for you to choose from including ‘painting’ the walls a different colour. Why not try setting up books to visit Wikipedia or select a map to be taken to Google Maps, the options are endless.

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