Watch Now – WightFibre 2021 Xmas Advert Picks!

If you’ve been watching telly over the last week then you may have already seen a few of these, but if like many of us, you’re now streaming your favourite shows on Netflix, then these may have totally passed you by this year! Here’s our top five Christmas adverts for 2021…

Tesco – This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us.

Soundtrack: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Let’s start with one of the more controversial adverts to come out this year. This feel good advert from Tesco has been in the news for upsetting children due to its reference of quarantining Father Christmas! Don’t worry, that will definitely not be happening and we think Tesco can be forgiven because the rest of the advert is so positive and upbeat compared to the deflation we were all feeling this time last year.

Aldi Christmas Advert 2021 – Ebanana Scrooge

Soundtrack: The Pogues – Fairytale of New York (instrumental)

Kevin the Carrot has become a family favourite since his introduction by Aldi in 2016 and this year he’s tasked with showing Ebanana (a play on Eboneezer) Scrooge the error of his ways. As always this is a fun and entertaining advert that the kids will have a giggle with.

Did you notice? At the start of the advert you can see Cuthbert the Caterpillar being taken away in handcuffs in the background – a cheeky nod to the controversy surrounding the cake earlier in the year.

Barbour – Paddington, Please Look After This Bear

Soundtrack: n/a (orchestral made for the advert)

Who doesn’t love Paddington Bear? Barbour have produced a beautiful illustrated advert this year, where we see Paddington trying his hardest to repay Mr Brown for his kindness in taking him in and giving him a home. As with everything Paddington does, it’s not a smooth operation, but the ending is just about as Christmassy and heart felt as you can get!

John Lewis – Unexpected Guest

Soundtrack: Lola Young – Together in Electric Dreams (cover)

Arguably the most eagerly awaited Christmas advert, is the John Lewis advert. We all look forward to two things – seeing what the storyline will bring and discovering which artist has been chosen to provide the famous cover song for the ad. Well this year the music from BRIT School graduate Lola Young is a big hit, but the storyline has had mixed reviews… are the producers losing their touch? In this year’s advert, we see a bond between an intergalactic visitor and a young boy being made over a musical Christmas jumper – somewhat reminiscent of E.T. We’ll leave you to decide for yourself…

Marks & Spencer – Percy pig Comes to Life

Soundtrack: Generic Christmas track made for the advert

The title of this advert is SO exciting for a lot of people who have been Percy pig fans since they were little, after all, Percy Pig has been a staple character at M&S since 1992! However, Marks and Spencer seem to have very almost got the recipe for a top Christmas advert, but fallen at the last hurdle. Yes, we know product placement is needed in an advert, but with his first ‘real-life’ appearance and a fantastic cameo role from Dawn French as the fairy, they’d be forgiven for adding a storyline instead of reviewing what the retailer are selling this year. Nevertheless, this is a fun and light-hearted advert, especially for the Percy Pig fans out there.

What’s been your favourite Christmas advert this year? Have we missed it? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!