What is DOCSIS® 3 Technology?

You may’ve noticed that there is a page on the WightFibre website featuring DOCSIS® 3 Technology. This blog has been posted for those of you that would like to delve a little deeper…

What Is DOCSIS® 3 Technology

DOCSIS® 3 Technology is an acronym for ‘Data Over Cable Service Interface System’ and is better known as the technology behind cable broadband services. There are three versions of DOCSIS®: 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. Each version of DOCSIS® generally improves in performance and has additional benefits over it’s predecessor, that is why WightFibre uses the latest DOCSIS® 3 Technology.

DOCSIS® 3 Performance


Source: http://corporate.comcast.com

As you can see from the diagram to the right, DOCSIS® 3 provides incredibly fast service, allowing 4 minute downloads where dial-up could take up to seven days! DOCSIS® 3 is much more efficient than previous versions, as this version is able to support multiple channels and combine them all for increased performance.

On of the main reasons WightFibre chooses to use DOCSIS® 3 Technology is because customers are much more likely to get the speed of service that is advertised when you join. We run this cable directly to your home, beating speeds of other companies such as BT, who would run a copper phone line to your house potentially allowing a decrease in speed.

So What Is The Magic In WightFibre’s Cables?

Quite simply put – WightFibre cables are well insulated with a thick copper core, thus retaining the ultra fast signal.

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