Whatsapp Updates 2019

Credit: NDTV Gadgets

A handy new feature in WhatsApp for iOS (which was added to the Android version last year) lets you reply privately to messages sent in group chats, ensuring that only the selected person is able to see what you write.

It’s a good way to send sensitive information that you don’t want the whole group to view, such as a phone number, while also  allowing you to make candid remarks about other chat members without fear of them catching on.

To use the new feature, open a group chat and long-press a message, then tap More and select Reply Privately (Android users need to tap the three-dot menu to see the option).

The feature is one of three new iOS additions, with another letting you ‘3D touch’ a contact in the Status tab to see their updates without sending a read notification. You can also now tap the smiley icon to add stickers when editing a photo or video. Find out what else has been updated in WhatsApp, including document sharing, over at whatsapp.com.