Why Choose Full-Fibre broadband?

Can you remember the days when you would wait for what seemed like (and actually was) forever for your dial-up internet connection? Then you will probably remember these screens…

Thankfully those days are now long gone, but are you stuck in the current day version? If you don’t have full-fibre yet, then the answer is yes. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider switching to a full-fibre broadband connection this year.

1. Faster Data Transfer

When you’re accessing the internet over an older copper connection, it can sometimes feel as if your computer is laughing at you by delivering mega slow transfer of data. Some people don’t even realise their connection is being delivered by the old network! If that’s you, then you’d better check with your provider, because full-fibre provides seamless, ultrafast data transfer.

2. Cost Effective

Full-fibre broadband connections are super cost-effective, especially in a family home where many devices depend on a reliable connection. In fact – fibre cable is now cheaper for providers to use than copper as the demand and production has increased so much, therefore passing the savings onto the consumer – you.

3. Reliability

A fibre optic connection is consistently reliable, this is because it is difficult to compromise it, unlike its predecessor – copper wires. Fibre optic cables are made from glass as thin as a strand of hair and that’s what optimises its ability to handle data transfer. With WightFibre, you will be far less likely to need to worry again about your connection dropping or even worse being interrupted by outside influences such as severe weather or fire.

4. Eliminates Latency Issues

Latency – the online gamers worst nightmare. This is what happens when there is a delay in uploading or downloading high definition content. This won’t happen with full-fibre technology and you stream, upload and download as much as your heart desires, interruption-free.

5. Highly Secure Internet

A little known fact about fibre optic cables is that they are far more secure than the old-fashioned copper connections which can be easily compromised. Fibre optic cables are made from incredibly fine glass and are therefore unable to release magnetic or electric signals and with WightFibre you know you’re always going to be safe online.

6. Plenty of Bandwidth

With full-fibre technology you can experience ultrafast internet speeds no matter how many devices are connected at any one time. Gone are the days of shouting at your children or housemates to get off the internet!

If this has made you think twice about your existing connection, then take a look at how we can improve your broadband with full-fibre, ultrafast and future-proof broadband.