Wightfibre Cowes Cardboard Boat Race 2016

The Wightfibre Cowes Cardboard Boat Race took place yesterday (Sunday 7th August) in brilliant sunshine and fantastic attendance. Crowds were treated to crashes, capsizes, flour bombs and more.

The event comprised of several rounds and ended with the final race, aptly named Death and Destruction by organiser Tony Downs. The Death and Destruction round allowed teams to use water pistols, coloured powder and flour bombs to knock other competitors off-course.

Apex Church CCBRLast year’s champions Wightfibre won their first race hands down, however this year they just missed out on an over-all repeat victory which was instead claimed by Apex Church of Cowes. Apex Church had a colourful red and green barge-style craft which was decorated beautifully with real sand and seaside accessories (left).

This year, winners were decided on a point system which were awarded by the panel of judges. Points were awarded for various requirements such as best looking boat, fastest boat, most adventurous crew and actual race placement (first, second and third).



First place: Apex Church – 48 points

Apex Church First Place CCBRSecond place: Wightfibre – 44 points

wightfibre boat CCBRThird place: Sea Dragons – 35 points

Sea Dragons CCBR

Fourth place: Men In Sheds – 33 points

Men In Sheds Ventnor CCBR

Fifth place: Cardboard Conspiracy – 32 points

Cardboard Conspiracy CCBR

Prizes for the race were donated by local businesses including Betapak, Cineworld IOW, Southern Co-operativeCameo of Cowes, Taylors Jewellers of Cowes, Beth Taylor Events and DenjaMediaPC Consultants, Isle of Wight Studio School, Willovy, See Ya, Nauti Maid and Roger That also received prizes.

Organiser of the event, Tony Downs said:

“I’d really like to thank Wightfibre for all their hard work, because they have really helped this event grow. I’d also like to thank Betapak and Jon for all they have done this year, including the free starer-pack they offered to those who have registered.

I’d also like to thank UKSA, because I know they are the charity for this event, but they have put in so many hours and so much help to make this possible – including providing safety crews for out on the water.

And finally, thank you to all who registered, all who raced and all who turned up to watch this today. Without you all it would not be possible.”

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*Thanks goes to Island Echo for the use of two of their photos.