WightFibre help to get Isle of Wight Youth Trust online


(L-R) Hayley Turner and Phil Craggs of WightFibre with Felicity Radak of the Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

Thanks to WightFibre, the Isle of Wight Youth Trust now has the broadband connection and latest phone system to continue its work as an Island leader in supporting children and young people.

The Youth Trust takes pride in providing an easy-to-access service, ensuring that children and young people are able to contact them whenever they need to, providing the essential lifeline they need when in distress. With referrals for the service coming from parents, teachers, GPs, as well as children and young people directly and via phone, email, or by walking into their head office in Newport it became clear that the current internet connection and phone systems were no longer able to effectively support their important work.

Hayley Turner, WightFibre Sales Director was contacted by Felicity Radak from the Trust and met to establish what could be done to provide a faster and more robust broadband connection, together with a phone system more capable of meeting the growing demands being placed on the Youth Trust. Demands that are reflected in over 4,000 counselling appointments to just under 900 children and young people across the Isle of Wight by the Youth Trust during the past year alone.

With the old phone system allowing only 3 calls to be made or received at any one time combined with up to only 18Mb of broadband connection across operations, the need for a change was clear. With the support of WightFibre, the limited broadband connection from BT and TalkTalk was moved to the superfast WightFibre network; providing a robust 152Mb superfast connection that enables everyone at The Isle of Wight Youth Trust to have the access to the Internet they need to support their important work.

In addition, WightFibre provided a new phone system completely free of charge. This new system providing 11 lines and the very latest handsets with HD voice quality, ensuring clarity together with advanced functions that enable calls to be transferred from the office to the ‘outreach’ teams at other locations with ease. Handsets can also be moved around the offices without any programming or setup being required and apps can be downloaded onto smartphones; allowing an individual’s mobile to simply be an extension of their office phone.

Mairead Healy, Youth Trust Executive Director comments:

“We are hugely grateful for WightFibre’s support in overhauling our broadband and phone systems, to ensure our systems can cope with an ever-increasing demand from our clients. Their support will mean we are able to effectively respond to young Islanders whenever they take that first brave step in contacting the Youth Trust for support.”

Working closely with The Isle of Wight Youth Trust, WightFibre made the move from the old BT network and TalkTalk simple, including moving all existing telephone numbers over to the new system. The new handsets were installed across the offices and set up with each user receiving 1:1 training from Phil Craggs of the WightFibre team with the operation now fully supported from Wightfibres dedicated customer care team based in Cowes.

Hayley Turner adds:

“We believe in the work of the Youth Trust and wanted to lend our support to all that they do. It is such a worthy cause and it’s great that we have been able to move them to superfast broadband and a new phone system, away from the very limited system that was holding back much of the great work they do.”

WightFibre are committed supporters of children and young people across the Island community. By supporting the Youth Trust in renewing their phone and Internet services, the company is helping the Youth Trust to keep up with increasing demands placed on their services – ensuring they are as accessible to young Island people in distress as possible.