WightFibre Partners with Flomatik for the Islands Full-Fibre Rollout

WightFibre have entered into contract for network planning with Flomatik Network Services for its Gigabit Island Project

In addition to network planning, WightFibre has further benefited from Flomatik’s broader Managed Services and proven personnel, providing:

  • Architecture, Specification and Project Planning specialists that are highly experienced in the scoping, set-up and optimisation of FttX rollout programmes

  • Subject Matter Experts that are integral to the development and leverage of new techniques and regulation, such as that governing BT Openreach’s PIA product

  • A Network Design Automation Toolchain that delivers optimal, efficient and error-free network planning using the latest software technologies

  • Products and partnerships with key vendors, such as passive solutions and OSS systems that reduce implementation risk and add in-life value

  • Contingent personnel to bolster Wightfibre’s organisation, filling gaps and supporting numerousaspects of the project delivery

Ben Allwright, MD, Flomatik said, “It’s such a dynamic time in Telecommunications and WightFibre are a company that continues to lead the way in delivering revolutionary Digital Services. Fibre-based Gigabit broadband offers to transform the way islanders work, rest and play, sparking innovation and drawing new investment. We are extremely proud to have been selected as one of their key partners.”

John Irvine, CEO, WightFibre said, “Flomatik Network Services have been instrumental in achieving some quick wins on the WightFibre Gigabit Island Project. Within just months of securing the investment, we were building our first pilot areas and completed detailed planning for the first 30,000 homes to be built. The team at Flomatik have provided both strategic guidance alongside detailed design, planning and project management to get the WightFibre Project off to a great start.”

With planning well underway, the network build is scheduled to start later this year. The project is expected to complete by early 2021.