Wightfibre Receives Quality In Business Accreditation

qib accreditation wightfibreWightfibre are proud to announce that we have earned the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce’s Quality In Business accreditation. QIB is a business tool being implemented across Isle of Wight businesses which allows them to look in depth at their operations and how to increase productivity. The accreditation ultimately benefits the whole Island, enabling businesses to be more efficient which in-turn will allow them to earn more money and employ more people.

“The QIB scheme does not tell the business the answers. It is more about the business reflecting on what it currently does. The process starts with a self-assessment which is then supported by a face to face meeting. The process holds a metaphorical mirror up to the business, encouraging them to seek genuine business improvement solutions to increase productivity.” – Kevin Smith, Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce

qib-accreditation-markKevin Smith, Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce came to the Wightfibre office in Cowes to personally congratulate the team and deliver the Quality In Business certificate. John Irvine of Wightfibre was keen to receive the accreditation and explained why it is so important to his business:

“The Quality in Business Accreditation causes you to look internally, more than you usually do, it has given us the confidence to apply for other quality certifications in the future to put us at the same level as our national competitors.” – John Irvine, Wightfibre CEO