The Wightfibre top ten snow day activities for this weekend!

Well that was unexpected! No matter how many warnings we had, no-one could quite believe that the Island would see enough snow for a snowball, let alone a day off school! Snow days are fun, but can get a little boring after the initial excitement passes and the frostbite sets in. Here are some activities that you may not have thought of for the next few days…

Hula Hoop

Grab a few hula hoops and see who can last the longest. It’s a lot harder through a million layers of clothing!

Dry off with your own winter wonderland

As fun as the snow is, it can get a bit cold for the little ones s why not create your own snow globe whilst you warm up? Use a strong glue to attach a small toy to the inside of a jar lid, then simply add baby oil and glitter for a homemade snow globe. It’s a great way to remember what fantastic fun you had in the snow.

Why stick to snowmen?!

Decide on an animal each and use bits of nature such as pine cones, leaves and shells to create them in the snow. You could try a caterpillar, snail or cat?

Ice, ice, bubbles

Apparently, when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, you can blow bubbles and watch them freeze on the wand! Please let us know if you try this and it works!

Care for the nature around you

A few days of unusually cold weather can leave our little feathered friends hungry. You can help by making a fresh feeder for them. String treats like cranberries, corn, fruit and cereal onto fishing line or some thread and hang them outside to attract and nourish your local birds.

Get your beach gear out!

Inflatable beach toys aren’t just for sand, agree on a course with a friend and sit in your rubber ring, then tray to race to the end using just your feet.

Get your eye – in

Just paint a bull’s-eye target on a piece of cardboard, giving each colored ring a point value. Attach it to a tree or fence, and keep score as the kids try to hit the target with snowballs.

Plan a treasure hunt

Hide something like an apple or rubber duck in a mound of snow so that a little bit peeks out. Guide the kids around the course, leave clues dotted around or draw them an easy map to use to search for it.

Snow castles

Borrow some pans from the kitchen or jelly molds and use them to build crystal fairy castles which you can then decorate or create icy, make-believe cakes for an outside buffet.

Noughts & crosses

Mark out a noughts & crosses board on the pavement or your drive, then forage for your own special marker – this could be a stone, leaf or anything natural.