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With WightFibre you have access to the Island’s only Fibre Optic network and with it you can transmit limitless amounts of data at breakneck speeds. If you need to move data across your company, with customers or suppliers, our network can handle it. Having this kind of technology will transform your business.

The fastest broadband on the Island.

State of the art telephony systems that will grow with your business.

A caring, round the clock service from our Cowes-based team.

“It’s easy to switch from your current provider. Or we’ll set you up from scratch, with the maximum speed and minimum fuss. We’ve got everything you need, right here, to get you up and running. You won’t have to wait around for contractors from the mainland, as all our engineers and support staff are based on the Island. We know the Island just like you do, and we’re on hand 24/7, providing the very best customer service. That’s why our Trustpilot rating is so outstanding.

You can find out more about what we can offer you right here – or get in touch with any questions. We’re delighted to work with so many companies across the Island. Let’s get connected!”

John Irvine, CEO of WightFibre

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Fibre optic broadband

Our fibre optic broadband is ultrafast and ultra reliable, with 99.999% availability. You’ll get bandwidth when you need it, day in day out, with less than 7 minutes of unplanned downtime per year.

This is a fully managed service. You can choose a bearer and bandwidth connection speed – uploading and downloading are equally fast. We’re streaks ahead of the other providers, including BT. Plus we’re investing £90m to roll out the most powerful broadband available across the Island.

Island Cloud

We’ll back up your data on the Island, providing local support whenever you need it.

Why choose us?

We’re local

We’re proud to be the only local provider of broadband and phones.

We’re fast

You’ll get the fastest broadband  on the Island, powered by state of the art technology. This means that you can work faster and harder, with less time twiddling your thumbs.

We’re good value

We’ll provide you with what your business needs – and make sure that you don’t waste money on features that you won’t use.

We’re flexible

You can upgrade your services as your business grows. Our systems are flexible enough to adapt, giving you a future-proof solution that will keep you up to date.

We take your security seriously

Nothing is left to chance. We have a Tier 3 data centre and a fully secure resilient network with multiple links to the mainland. In other words – we’ve got you covered!

We’re trusted

We get ‘excellent’ ratings on Trustpilot. And just compare us to the other providers…

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