Give your development the WOW factor with WightFibre’s Full-Fibre network.

We’re investing £50 million to bring ultrafast broadband to over 70,000 homes on the Island. Don’t let your homes be left behind.

Keeping home buyers happy

With WightFibre by your side you can give home buyers the Island’s fastest broadband and the very best online experiences. Young professionals and families will love our speedy broadband (up to 900Mbps). And that’s not all we have to offer, WightFibre’s customer service reputation on the Island is second to none with consistent “Excellent” Trustpilot scores.

Supporting you

A dedicated New Build Team will be there to support your development at each step of the way.

Take the easy route

Our New Build Officer will study your site utility margins and start advising you on cable routing. The earlier you get us involved, the more we can help.

On-site delivery

We deliver everything you need for your fibre installation straight to your site.

Hands-on advice at every step

We’ll assign a Liaison Officer to your development, to be on hand throughout the installation from start to finish.

The team

A dedicated New Build Team will be there to support your development at each step of the process.

  • A Project Overseer will keep everything on track
  • The Liaison Officer will visit your site every two weeks. They’ll track and report installation progress and work with your sales office. They’ll also make sure they have all the info needed to optimise your WightFibre connectivity.

New Build Developer’s Guide

For technical information on how to support your on-site deployment.

Our simple steps to the WOW factor

We want the installation of our services for your development to be completed as quickly and simply as possible, so there are just four steps to the process.

  1. Site Request. Call or email our Commercial Team at 01983 24 1000,
  2. Access Agreement & Site Survey. One of our team members will contact you to discuss access agreements and an initial site survey
  3. Cabling & construction.
  4. We then work with you to arrange the site materials and all aspects of work required on site.
  5. Customer installation.
  6. Once the build is complete, we are ready to connect each property.

Let’s get started

Find out what broadband options we can provide for your development. Call or email our Commercial Team at 01983 24 000, It’s best to do this 9 months before you expect home buyers to move in.


Can you include developments we are planning to build in the future?

Of course. Just head to the New Build area of our website for more information, where you can submit details of the development.

Will the aesthetics of the properties be compromised by the work carried out?

If we decide to build, we will work with you to ensure that there is minimal impact to the aesthetics of the properties and we will fully re-instate any surface that is disrupted as part of this work, should we cause any.

What is a pre-wire?

A pre-wire would normally be carried out on a block of flats. It involves cabling into the individual premises that lead back to an individual lockbox in the building. Pre-wiring a property allows all cabling to be done at once, meaning tenants can gain faster access to our services without the need for additional cables to be installed in communal areas.

What happens if the outside of the properties are refurbished?

We understand that buildings require maintenance and refurbishment from time to time. All we ask is that you let us know if you plan to carry out any work which could have a negative effect on our apparatus.

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