Gold Award Win At The 2024 Green Impact Awards

At the recent 2024 Green Impact Awards held at Building 41 in Northwood, Isle of Wight, sustainability-minded businesses from across the Island gathered to celebrate their eco-friendly initiatives. The Green Impact Awards, a national initiative led by SOS-UK, recognises the commendable efforts of businesses and individuals striving to create more sustainable working environments.

WightFibre is thrilled to announce its Gold Award achievement in this prestigious event. As an organisation committed to environmental responsibility, we are honoured to be acknowledged for our contributions towards sustainability across the Island. This recognition underscores our ongoing dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices within our operations, from day-to-day processes to overall business ethos.

The Green Impact Awards program, facilitated by SOS-UK, provides businesses with a structured framework to implement sustainable initiatives. Through a behavioural change model, businesses are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices and track their progress towards sustainability goals. WightFibre’s participation in the program has not only allowed us to enhance our environmental performance but also encouraged a sense of community and collaboration among our team members.

Receiving the Gold Award is a testament to the collective efforts of our team, with special recognition extended to James Wicks (pictured), our Logistics and Fleet Manager, for his outstanding leadership and commitment to sustainability. James’ innovative approach to managing our logistics and fleet operations has significantly contributed to our environmental stewardship efforts, demonstrating that sustainability can be integrated into every aspect of our business operations when you put your mind to it.

As we celebrate our Gold Award achievement, WightFibre remains steadfast in our commitment to sustainability. We will continue to explore new opportunities and initiatives to further reduce our environmental impact and inspire positive change within our community. We are grateful for the recognition from the Green Impact Awards and look forward to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future. Check our how we have recently helped with UKSA’s new fleet of electric vans.