WightFibre Field Sales

Our WightFibre Field Sales Team – everything you need to know

Our Field Sales team will work on the Isle of Wight to help reach more of the community to talk about our full-fibre, ultrafast and future-proof products and services we offer. In addition, our Field Sales agent will speak with you about what offers are available to you and your household.

We appreciate you may have some questions, so we have put together a list of FAQs to put your mind at ease and confirm that our WightFibre Field Sales team is not a scam.

WightFibre Field Sales: FAQs.

Does WightFibre do door-to-door sales?

Yes, we’ve appointed a new Field Sales team who will work on the Isle of Wight. They’re fully trained to check what services WightFibre can provide and ask questions that will help understand your needs and recommend suitable packages. They’ll explain everything in clear and transparent language and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. We keep it simple and work hard to help every customer get a great deal to meet their needs. 

How do I check that they officially represent WightFibre and that this is not a scam?

WightFibre can’t confirm if the person standing at your door is a genuine representative of our company. However, we can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Our Field Sales agents wear a jacket with our WightFibre logos on them.
  • They’ll carry an ID card on a lanyard. The front of the card shows the agent’s name
  • Please call 01983 240240 quoting the agent’s name, to verify if the agent is genuine.

Below is our Field Sales Team:

 What happens during a visit?

  1. Our Field Sales agent will knock on your door; they will show their ID and introduce themselves and who they represent.
  2. The agent will talk through the various products.
  3. If you’re interested in a package, the Fields Sales agent will process an online order with you on our website.
  • To do that, the Field Sales agent will request your full name, address, telephone number, and further details required to process an Online Order.

      4.  Once they have completed the online order with you, the Field Sales agent will ask you to check your email
for your Order Confirmation email that contains the details of the service you ordered and the installation date
you asked and agreed to. At this point the Field Sales agent no longer needs to be present, and will leave your

Do you take my personal details?

Yes. The Field Sales agents need your personal details to complete an online order with you. 

Do I have to invite the agent into my house?

No, it’s not necessary. Although we don’t need to enter your property, you’re welcome to invite the agent in if you want to. The agents are more than happy to talk to you on your doorstep. They will need to leave the property once they have placed the online order with you. 

Do I need to pay cash to the Field Sales agent?

No, not at all. You won’t ever need to give cash to the Field Sales agent.

Do I need to give the Field Sales agent any bank details?

If you decide to go ahead with an order they will ask you to provide your bank details to set up a Direct Debit for your new account.

Who do I speak to if I need to give feedback about my visit?

Contact WightFibre for help and support; We have a range of ways you can get in touch. Please quote ‘door-to-door’ when calling.

Customer Service: 01983 242424

Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm

Weekends and bank holidays 10am – 6 pm

Www.wightfibre.com and chat to us online 

What do I do if I suspect fraud?

Contact WightFibre for help and support as soon as possible.

Customer Service: 01983 242424

Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm

Weekends and bank holidays 10am – 6 pm

Www.wightfibre.com and chat to us online 

What if I change my mind about my order after the visit?

Please follow the cancellation procedures outlined in your order confirmation email if you change your mind or would like to amend your order.