Free family tree software

Have you ever wondered about your family tree but you’ve been putting it off as it all seems so complicated? We’ve found a fantastic free application for Windows which enables you to create your family tree using a simple and intuitive user interface.

My Family Tree simplifies the process of building an ancestral map of your relatives, adding new family members and even checks your information for errors, such as no births or marriages occurring after deaths. It is packed with features, although these are all for keeping a record of and presenting your findings – for the actual research you’ll need to use a service like

Features of My Family Tree include notes, photos, videos and audio clips to ancestors. You can even fill in very fine detail regarding genetics such as blood group and eye colour. Once your tree is large enough, you can sort and browse family data, and explore graphs showing details including age, gender and which people are still alive.


If you’d like to download this and keep track of your family history then head over to Chronoplex Software and download it via your #FastestIW Wightfibre connection.
Minimum requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8+/10 with .NET 4+ File size: 4.7MB