Half Term fun with the IW Story Festival

If you are looking for some ideas for this half term, then it’s worth checking out the IW Story Festival which is being held from Wednesday the 17th to Saturday the 20th.

The IW Story Festival are offering a huge programme of virtual events over four days this week. There has been a dedicated Youtube channel set-up, where free, fun, exciting and engaging events will be streamed for you and your family to enjoy. If you visit the channel now and subscribe to updates, then you will receive notifications when sessions are being held.


The full programme of events can be found here and the organisers have very helpfully added suggested ages to each event which will help you decide which is the most appropriate content for your family to consume throughout the festival.

It’s a special place for children and families to have fun together; where we can all CREATE, INSPIRE and IMAGINE.

Stories are all around us; not just in books and poems and plays and songs, but also in the news and history and the places we live. Over two days, the IW Story Festival lets you get lost in stories of all kinds…

Our aim is to:

  • let children and their families CREATE; whether through stories and poems, junk modelling or other crafts; to have fun together and discover new talents
  • let authors, poets, actors, illustrators, spoken word artists and others INSPIRE you to create your own stories; to discover new worlds and new ideas
  • let us all IMAGINE the amazing things we can do and the amazing things we can be.

What stories will you bring with you? – The IW Story Festival

Are you set-up to join in this week? If you struggle to stream content seamlessly around your home, then take a look at how our HomePass, powered by Plume can give you full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity around your home.