Learning at Home: Top Free Resources

Here we are again, the kids are at home and we’re all looking for ways to entertain them. Whether your children are creative and musical, energetic or academic, we’ve chosen a few top resources for you to check out and keep busy with at home (at least for an hour or so!).

Julia Donaldson Resource Bank

Age range: 0 – 7 years

Most parents would have come across Julia Donaldson at some point, from the adventures of Zog the Dragon to the Gruffalo, her beautifully animated books and films are always a hit with younger children. Now, thanks to Schooltastic, there are a lot of free PDF resource packs available featuring the loveable characters:

BBC Bitesize: Secondary Level

Age range: 11-16

BBC have really stepped up to the mark this time around with their online learning, as well as offering prime time television space for their educational programming too.

The Secondary Level section of the Bitesize website offers all subjects that you would expect to see, presented in fun and engaging formats such as videos, quizzes, games and study articles. To get started and have a look around, just click here.

National Geographic

Age range: 7+

National Geographic offers a wealth of knowledge to young minds, including videos, galleries, quick read articles and series stories. Some of the site is subscription only, but we’ve found the majority of the latest news section is free to explore and very current. From the winter solstice to political happenings in America, there’s something for everyone – why not use these research pieces to write your own essay or create a collage?

National Geographic: Kids

Age range: 3+

National Geographic: Kids is an online subscription magazine, but it also offers a lot of free fun online. They currently have an interview with Tim Peak, an easy guide to What is Coronavirus? and fun games and quizzes like Comets & Meteors and Cats Memory Game. This website even has a dedicated Primary Resources area and we think it’s definitely one to check out this month.

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